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Sleep Buddy

Redivivus Table Runner

Redivivus Table Runner

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Sleep Buddy Redivivus Table Runner is one of the special products from Sleep Buddy that uses 100% recycle fabric combined with twilly cotton trimming, making it very suitable for use as a complement on the dining table or on other decorative tables.

Table Runner 100% recycle fabric

Size: 260cm × 40cm

Before completing the order, please check the items you received.

1. Without Package Opening Video NO COMPLAINTS ACCEPTED.
2. Unboxing video from the beginning you open the packaging until the goods are seen and check (size, color, etc.)
3. Make sure the size listed on the label, matches the actual size (TRY IT FIRST WITHOUT WASHING)
4. We do not accept videos that are re-recorded after opening the package or rewrapping the package.


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Sleep Buddy

Sleep Buddy is a brand that has its roots in a simple dream that began in 2009 in Surabaya, Indonesia. What started as a small team has since evolved into a passionate family dedicated to enhancing sleep comfort and family happiness.

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